You can find the pricing plans for our accounts here.
Yes you can! You may also purchase additional numbers to support other regions. Learn more about international support and number changes here.
Yes, we support international messaging to 200+ countries with your SuperPhone number. Be aware that these messages will incur additional charges varying by country. You can check our international pricing per message here. If you do not see your desired number, send us an email with your request at support@kinsend.io.
You own 100% of the data imported and or collected in KinSend. For further clarification, check out our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.
Yes, KinSend is TCPA, GDPR and CCPA compliant.
There is no limit when it comes to characters in your messages. With SMS messages, 1 message equals 1 segment which contains 160 characters or less. If a message contains 200 characters, it will be split into two segments, 160 characters in the first and 40 in the second. This will count as 2 messages sent even though it may show as one message when sent to the user.
You may import your existing database via CSV by using our “Import CSV Template”. Simply organize your contacts on the template and import with ease. Please be sure to send opt-in/out language in your first text to ensure your users have properly and legally been informed with being marketed to.
KinSend is currently natively integrated with Zapier which allows you to connect to 2000+ apps.
Through KinSend’s Zapier integration, you can integrate with over 2,000 of your favorite applications like SalesForce, MailChimp, Stripe and many more! Using KinSend’s automation feature, you can combine your favorite platforms and KinSend’s open API to set triggers and actions. Learn more about Zapier here.
KinSend does not collect voicemails. After a user has called in and listened to your voice greeting, the phone will automatically hang up.
Any subscriber can opt out by replying STOP or UNSUBSCRIBE at any time. They will automatically stop receiving messages and be removed from your subscription list.
You can send multimedia messages such as images, videos, PDF and GIF files plus audio to your subscribers. The file size must be under 500 KB to comply with the SMS delivery rules and restrictions. If not, KinSend will automatically convert your media to a link when sent to your subscribers.
KinSend allows current users to refer new users via a unique referral URL, available on request. For every new KinSend subscriber, users will receive 25% off their usage fees at the end of their billing period. If your referral payment balance exceeds $100 for the month, you can be eligible for a cash payout.
Yes! With KinSend, you can set a forwarding number to make and receive calls from. The caller on the other end will only see your KinSend number and not your real number.
Yes, KinSend allows users to have multiple phone numbers linked to their account. On request, users are able to add another number with the area code of their choice to the account.
As long as every text broadcast includes a merge field, users are able to send broadcasts to their entire subscriber list, no matter the size, without their messages being flagged as spam by mobile carriers.
Users are able to set up automated, custom responses for hashtag and emoji responses, as well as for regular expression responses. Ex: “Text #KINSEND to sign up for an account today!”
KinSend is committed to user privacy. We will, under no circumstances, sell user data to third parties. Data deletion is executed upon request. For further clarification, check out our Privacy Policy here.
We currently do not offer free trials. The best way to try KinSend is to request access on our homepage. You’ll get a text from our CEO and see exactly how your clients will interact with your own KinSend.
You can always change your plan in Settings > Billing Information > Manage > Change Subscription. If you would like to discuss an Enterprise or High-Volume plan, reach out to us at support@kinsend.io before the last day of your billing period and request the upgrade. Keep in mind your plan must always cover the cumulative total number of subscribers in your KinSend.
KinSend works like a prepaid phone with monthly usage based on the number of subscribers and messages sent or minutes used. Volume discounts apply based on your plan. Try our pricing calculator to estimate your monthly bill here.
You may cancel at any time, and can export all data and contacts that you’ve collected. Please keep in mind that you will lose your KinSend number and conversation history once the account is deactivated. Our terms & conditions apply.
This means your account has been deactivated. But don’t worry, you’re in good hands. Email customer support with your request at support@kinsend.io to have an associate manually reactivate the account.
Settings > Billing Information > Subscriptions > Manage > Cancel
KinSend has a built in 2min human emulated delay between the time someone calls or messages in for the first time and when they receive the first text.